The Calyx is the cradle for a new spark of life for strength in life.

The Calyx Trust was founded to support health and wellbeing. With regard to this, it has recognised the value of the therapeutic, social and medical insights of anthroposophy.

The Trust therefore supports anthroposophic healing practice by providing:

  1. Bursary funds to health centres and training
  2. Grants to develop therapeutic centres

We do not, as a rule, support individuals directly.

In Collaboration with the Elysia Health Association, the Trust is researching ways in which a 3-fold understanding of the human being (thinking, feeling willing; central nervous system, heart / lungs, metabolic / limb) and the social organism (cultural, rights, economic; freedom, fairness, service) can be deployed to improve the provision of healthcare by the organisations the Trust supports.

Cognisant of the potential positive impact on the health and well-being of the public, the Trust is also undertaking to educate the public about anthroposophic health care, both preventative and curative. It is therefore supporting the provision of an internet-portal, the website elysiahealth.org, where the public can access information and locate professional healthcare support.

Please get in touch if you are interested in finding out more or supporting these aims with your donations, legacies and gifts.


Lindsey Garner (chair)
Melanie Taylor (secretary)
Fiona Chapman
Joshua Malkin


Company Number: 3696667 (England & Wales)
Charity Number: 1077375

Objects: To relieve sickness and to preserve and protect the health of the public by the promotion of and provision for the care and recuperation of persons recovering from illness, incapacity, disablement or periods of hospitalisation or similar institutional provision by providing care and facilities including, but not limited to, all caring requirements, occupational therapy pastoral counselling and accommodation to enable or assist in the recovery of the recipient and their rehabilitation towards re-joining society as an independent and self-sufficient member.

Download the Articles of Association of the Calyx Trust